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Autism Dad: “Sleep with me, Daddy”

In case you haven’t had the time to read some of my early postings, here’s one of my early ones that kind of sets the stage. Have a good week ahead… Sleep with me, Daddy I remember feeling like a voyeur … Continue reading

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Autism Dad: Shopping Fetish

As soon as we enter the grocery store, Ben takes off running…down the aisle, a left turn…and he is gone! I take off with his younger brother, Ryan, to find him, poking my head down every aisle, checking with the … Continue reading

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Autism Dad: The Blame Game

An Autism Dad reader writes: “I am divorcing my husband as we speak. He denies it now, but he has always blamed me for my son’s autism… because I allowed him to be vaccinated. And this is so true, in … Continue reading

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Autism Dad: Ebook Teaser

Autism Dad: Fake it ’til you Make it An Introduction Prolonged unemployment and financial collapse. Divorce. Collection agencies. Home foreclosure. Been there, done that. Still, none of it compares to my sense of loss when Ben, only 3 at the … Continue reading

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Autism Dad: I Need Your Help

I need your help. This one’s a biggie, and it doesn’t have anything to do with Ben or Ryan. Let me retract that one. It has EVERYTHING to do with them, because their dad has been out of work for … Continue reading

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Autism Dad: Need my Fix!

‎2 weeks since I’ve seen my boys. Can’t wait to pick them up Friday. Throw those boys on the trampoline. And later, after the sun falls and their rhythm slows, a little cuddling time. Need my fix!

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Autism Dad: IEP for my VIP

  While observing Ben’s classroom the other day, I saw something that concerned me. When the class does group work, Ben completely zones out while the other “special needs” kids are more engaged and responsive. This doesn’t surprise me. If … Continue reading

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