Autism Dad: Autographed Football

Want to recognize a great dad and Autism Dad participant, Dennis Mashue, who shared how he and his boy spent spring break:

“Tuck and I just had a great spring break trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. We camped and drove mountain roads all the way up into Pennsylvania, then back to Michigan. Had a great time and he got the celebrity treatment at Appalachian State University. Met the football team, head coach, town mayor, newspaper reporter. He was so sick of photo ops and so was I. Did a lot of awareness raising, which is good. The big success of the trip is that Appalachian State U offered to put up a website for a great camp for families who have a child on the spectrum. I serve as a parent advisor for what is gonna be a great facility in Boone, NC. If you get a chance, check out GR8 AutDoors on Facebook. I put it up as a place to share pics, videos and stories about our kiddos’ outdoor adventures. Feel free to join and post some stuff on there.”


“This is Tucker getting an autographed football from ASU head coach, Jerry Moore. If you follow college football, his Div I-AA Mountaineers came into University of Michigan’s Big House in 2007 and delivered one of the biggest upsets in college football history – the Wolverines were ranked #5 at the time.”


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