Autism Dad: Love Caught on Camera

I will not be with the boys for Easter, but I am with them now and we will be together all Saturday. Tomorrow we are going to have a “staycation” at a local hotel with a swimming pool! Tonight we made camp in the living room and the boys are sleeping soundly as I write. I’ve taken a bunch of really good pics, and depending on how long you’ve been following me, you may know that taking good pics of Ben can be a nearly impossible task. And I’ve heard from enough parents with kids on the autism spectrum to know that I am not alone. Right after I tucked the boys into our makeshift bed in the living room, I took several shots of the boys. Maybe it’s because they were in bed and extra comfortable with each other, but for some reason they were just glowing warmly and smiling at each other. I asked them to pose; instead I got something much more authentic and spontaneous—and eye contact from Ben like you wouldn’t believe. Glad I caught the moment on camera and can share it with you. More pics to come later. Wishing everyone a Happy Friday-Happy Weekend-Happy Passover-Happy Easter!

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4 Responses to Autism Dad: Love Caught on Camera

  1. Samuel Behar says:

    An image of love — just beautiful!

  2. Sara says:

    I definitely understand the picture issue! Candid shots are the only ones that seem to really work for us. Colin will pose for a pic, but he will not look at the camera 99% of the time!
    We have some great pics of him putting his hand up in front of his face. He went through a phase where he’d either hold his hand or an object up when we’d try to snap a pic… so the half of his face you could see was in focus in the background and the item he was showing (or his hand) was a blur in the foreground of the photo lol

    • Autism Dad says:

      So hard to get good pics with eye contact and a smile….but when I get one of those, I know I will keep it forever!!! Have a great week Sara…

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