Autism Dad: When Work Becomes Personal


OK, so this is pretty cool. PR/ad agency where I work has an autism agency as a client. Spent yesterday in a meeting with the executive director. Crazy intersection between my work life and my personal life! Proposed to her that we create a coalition called the Autism Awareness Alliance.

The agency for which I work would conduct a consumer education campaign for the local market, but with a real focus on the low-income communities, where late diagnoses and misdiagnoses are more frequent. The message would emphasize early testing, diagnosis, and intervention.

We’d target not just consumers in these communities, but also pediatricians, to ensure they are aware of autism signs and indicators. (An alarming number are not, and this cuts across income and geography.) The woman I met with expressed great interest in being the lead agency for this effort; if she does, then we would need to recruit 5 other member organizations, each of which would pay a monthly fee to finance this ongoing outreach campaign. If and when this thing gets off the ground, I will let you know.

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1 Response to Autism Dad: When Work Becomes Personal

  1. Samuel Behar says:

    What a cool coincidence! I hope this works out as I know you would really be great at developing such a program — keep us posted! BTW, love the poster — what is Autism Awareness Day celebrated?

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