Autism Dad: A Day of Little Miracles

Seeing Ben in his baseball uniform and happily donning the cap he had once vigorously resisted. That was one miracle, at least for me, especially given that his obsession with baseball has lay dormant since his autism diagnosis at age 3.

Today was Opening Day, a time for Ben to meet his coach, teammates, and enjoy the festivities. But no T-ball today; that begins next week. Hundreds of good people gathered for this event–talk about community! A huge thank you to the Miracle League organizers and volunteers.

And the other miracle? Had a chance to chat with Teresa, and she was completely open to giving me more time with the boys over the summer and during the week. Her initial resistance, it turns out, was because she thought I wanted the boys on her weekends, which she, naturally, didn’t want to give up. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend…and that the little miracles abound.

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8 Responses to Autism Dad: A Day of Little Miracles

  1. What glorious news! Congratulations on ALL fronts! I wish so much my daughter would allow me to post pics and vids of her. I could do so much if she would. But she is currently working through disclosure decisions with her own peers. This affects which adults I can and cannot disclose to, as well. Because she can now “pass,” and is currently experimenting with doing that very thing, I live a life of secrecy and sometimes, one of lies. I am living a double life right now. I am sure many of the NT moms find me stand-offish or unwilling to “share,” as they discuss their kids’ problems. I often wish I could explain myself to them, but I have to respect my daughter’s choices: it’s much more of a tangential issue for me, whereas she is in the thick of all of it. I wish I had answers for her, I wish I could remove all of her pain. I wish I could wave a wand and remove the fear that invades the hearts of NTs when they are confronted with the “odd.”

    • Autism Dad says:

      Thanks so much for all your enthusiasm, and for sharing a few of your frustrations, which still exist even with the amazing progress you’ve with your daughter. I hope you find that wand; if you do, may I borrow it? Many thanks again!!!

  2. Great news about Opening Day. As another late 40’s sometimes dad of kids on the spectrum and a baseball fan, I can relate to how happy you must have been today. A couple of weeks ago my daughter found my baseball glove and her older sister’s and wanted to play catch with me, unfortunately inside. It was a little cold to go outside and play ball. I was really surprised that my son kept saying “baseball” when he saw the gloves. Made my heart burst thinking that all of my kids could grow up loving baseball like I did.

    As for the extra time, I couldn’t be happier for you. I am enjoying a few extra days this March break with just my son. Enjoy your summer.

  3. carla says:

    whew, so glad you had a great talk with the boys ‘ Mom!!! Also, Horray for Baseball and the enthusiasm too!!!carla

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