Autism Dad: I want more time with my boys!

I have the boys Fri through Sunday every other weekend. I know it’s all about the quality, not the quantity, but the time we have together is simply not enough. The boys are 6 and 8, and I want to spend as much time as possible with them while they are still little and not yet jaded. Because the boys and their mother live 45 minutes away, it hasn’t been feasible for Ben and Ryan to stay with me during the week. If that’s the case, I want them for long chunks of time over summer. And yet I’ve procrastinated, probably to avoid conflict with the boys’ mother. I would really like your feedback and suggestions on how I should proceed. Should I go through the courts and request a mediator, who I guess would bring us together, hammer things out, and then make a recommendation to the judge? In which case I would need to have her served, which I’m uncomfortable about. Can overcome that though. The other option is to work with Teresa to agree on the new terms of visitation/custody, and then present that to the court. I left her a message the other day asking if she’d like to agree on a new schedule, and I never heard back. So maybe I just answered my own question — looks like I need to request a mediator and have her served.


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4 Responses to Autism Dad: I want more time with my boys!

  1. Jimmy says:

    Wow. This is tough. I think you have answered your question, though. I am the father of a 6 year old boy with autism, and I also have lost my mother, so I understand much of what you are going through.



  2. Veronica says:

    Hi! Does Ben have therapy over the summer? That could be a tough one to iron out. I wish I had words of advice. I just had to comment – that is the sweetest smile on Ben’s face :> Such a hard situation and I’m praying wisdom for you. You know your ex better than any of us. Summer is a long road and as much as I love my boys, if someone offered me a 2 week break, I might have to take them up on it! Good luck!

  3. Autism Dad says:

    He doesn’t have therapy over the summer, but other activities. Thank you so much for all your support and for being Ben’s fan!

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