Autism Dad: Spring Bloom

Wrote this for Ben today. Just realized, though, that it can apply to all of us.

Spring Bloom

When spring speaks
we turn still
Pain wanes
The universe feeds
Emptiness recedes
We see
what can be

Now is the season
for you
Announce your arrival to the
wide-open sky

Now is the time
for you
Spread yourself like the
morning light

Your voice was faint
But now I can hear stirrings
Ready to stake its claim
To anxious minds
you will deliver your song

In your eyes I see
A green glimmer
of hope
A change
of seasons
Maybe you are just a late bloomer
A flower frightened to emerge
I am patient
The most beautiful things
are worth waiting for

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8 Responses to Autism Dad: Spring Bloom

  1. carla says:

    Yes, This is really for all of us too!! great writing!!! carla

    • Autism Dad says:

      I know, it felt like such a personal poem, as I was thinking only about Ben when I put it down in words. And then when I read it, I realized that it was pretty universal. Thanks for the nice feedback, Carla!

  2. aefountain says:

    Wow this is so beautiful. You have an incredible talent.
    I see a book “Poems for my son”

  3. Mary Catherine says:

    Hi Adam,

    Happy to make the call for you. Please give me the number. We leave for 2 weeks of whale watching in Mexico this week.

  4. Janet Lyn says:

    Have you published any of your poems? I have recently been published in an e-magazine called 4and20. You should check them out.

    • Autism Dad says:

      Thanks so much for sharing the source. I self-published a book of poems several years ago, one of which aired on NPR. I’ve been meaning to find an agent, but I guess I’m just too busy, or not motivated enough, to do the leg work. I am near completion of an Autism Dad ebook; my hope is to get it out in April, which is national Autism Awareness Month. Thanks so much for all of your encouragement!

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