Autism Dad: Change of Seasons

Hope you’re enjoying your Saturday. I’m going to share a couple poems with you. One, which follows, was written in 1993 after I lost my mother. Hope it’s not too heavy :). Since I don’t have the boys this weekend, I have spent the morning writing a poem about and for Ben. I’ll post that one in a little bit.

Change of Seasons

I chased the Endless Summer
and ran with a pack of wolves
In fall, I chased after my girl
and she didn’t come back
I hid in smoky cafes and dingy bars in winter
and did absolutely nothing
It was spring when I ran toward my mother
to catch her and not let go
And when she fell
they told me to leave

I am still chasing what eludes me
and what eludes me may again change
For my heart is my compass
and with it I navigate the vast landscape:
rugged and fertile, fragile and resilient
where the seasons do change
cruelly, beautifully and sometimes
without reason

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4 Responses to Autism Dad: Change of Seasons

  1. This is a beautiful poem 🙂

  2. carla says:

    awesome poem!! Sincerely, carla

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