Autism Dad: Opening Day

Here’s a poem I wrote about baseball, life, death, spring, renewal…and anything else you want to read in to it 🙂

Opening Day

From the edge of a poison stream you had run

a cold sweat marking

the wounded, shrieking animal you had become

Lost and fearsome, howling at the night

In a cold mattress your final breaths buried

far from anyone’s sight…


Far, indeed, from that freshly packed mound

on which you had once stood tall

a gentle spring breeze

(by way of center field)

tickling your back

running up your jersey sleeve

Squarely in your hand you placed the ball

inspecting its


with a scholar’s scrutiny and a boy’s curiosity:

from where does it come and why with one pitch

does this perfect round shell hatch

beautiful voices

that lift like a chorus

in a thunderous and joyous cry?

Oh, their lanky hero — you had returned!

with the year’s first desert bloom

and powder blue sky

when April

restores order to the turbulent air

and distracted mind

when swallows

carry with them a sweet song to deliver

to anxious minds

Oh, with all your reluctance — you had returned!

when tulips

emerge from a shyness that fades with the spreading

of morning light

when children

running wildly in the park suddenly turn

still as a kite

Yes, I knew you would return

Though for long you would not stay

To begin again

on Opening Day

In memory of Eric Show, pitcher for the San Diego Padres

Previously heard on National Public Radio

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