Autism Dad: Could this be Heaven?

Lying on the patio couch, enjoying the last remains of the day with little Ryan perched on my chest. I massage his back with little finger strokes, as Ben jumps around aimlessly. Ryan, just 6, says to me: “I think I am in Heaven.” I think to myself, this has to be the cutest thing I’ve ever heard! Then I say, “So it feels good?” “Yeah,” he says. “It feels so good!” Then Ben decides he wants a little cuddling and, unaware of Ryan’s claim on me, he jumps on the couch to join us. Eliciting from Ryan: “Oh man! I am not in Heaven anymore!”

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6 Responses to Autism Dad: Could this be Heaven?

  1. cookiemomma says:


  2. Paula Hill says:

    Wow, definitely one for the memory books. You are doing alot of things right and that must feel good for you as well. A great belated Valentine’s Gift! Hope other areas are doing as well for you!

  3. Hah hah! We are doing a ‘family bed’ tonight and both my twins asked me to come and watch movies with them (they are on one mattress turned sideways and I sleep at the foot of the mattress) – gotta love those moments. Great post!

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