Autism Dad: Building Blocks

I am on the computer trying to get some work done, while Ryan tries to involve Ben in assembling Lego blocks. Ryan grows impatient: “Are you home? Hello, are you home Ben?”

Dad: Ryan, that’s not nice.
Ryan: I’m just asking if he has a brain inside his head.
Dad: Ryan!

Minutes later, I notice a change.

Ryan: Good job, Ben! Dad, Ben’s helping. He’s really good at this. Maybe we should do this every day, Dad.

I marvel at the way Ryan quickly made an adjustment in his behavior. Ben’s contribution to the project may be minimal, but seeing my boys interact is enough to bring a big ‘ol smile to my face.

Happy Friday everyone! Hoping your weekend is filled with smiles…


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2 Responses to Autism Dad: Building Blocks

  1. Veronica says:

    I see he’s got the choke hold going again ;>

    Made me smile – have a great weekend with your boys!

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