Autism Dad: Anything’s Possible

Breaking News: Pizza boy Ben just ate yogurt–not the frozen kind either–for the very first time, or at least the first time I ever witnessed it. It may be a small step for mankind, but in my book, it means that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Here’s the evidence (no comments about the messy kitchen! 🙂

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11 Responses to Autism Dad: Anything’s Possible

  1. carla says:

    Why of course we would not comment on the messy kitchen.. we all have them ,especially this time of year!:)) But you are so right…anything is possible . Horray for Ben, he tried it and liked the yogurt!! Congrats Ben!!! carla

  2. Leah says:

    Congrats to Ben (and you)! You know why I love these posts of yours? Because you show how such a small thing that we take for granted is such a big thing. It always reminds me to remember the little things in life.

  3. Christa Beran says:


  4. Paula says:

    Love it! Also am LOVING the filled wine rack!!!

  5. Grace says:

    This is progress!! And we celebrate the “small” things here. *Happy Dance*

    If I had a wine rack on my kitchen counter, I would end up with wine and broken glass all over my kitchen floor. And I care far too much about my wine to take that risk.

  6. I have to let you know that your posts are amazing. I know how it feels when my son does something new, but I can not really describe how amazing it makes me feel to know that he is tackling something that is also hard for him. Reading what you wrote about Ben and yogurt is the same. You and he are both brave because you don’t give up and you celebrate every single milestone.

  7. Autism Dad says:

    Just saw this comment now. Belated thank you!!!

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