Autism Dad: On Bullying

I wish I could shield Ben from the sometimes cruel world that he, sooner rather than later, will encounter. I worry about the hell that awaits him: the stranger who judges him, the kid who teases him, the bully who badgers him. I hope, like the vegetables I try to serve Ben, that he simply ignores them. If that doesn’t work, then I feel sorry for the bully and his parents, because, mark my word, it’s going to get ugly.

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8 Responses to Autism Dad: On Bullying

  1. Veronica says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone :> I feel the same way. We need to take care of ourselves so we can stay this healthy, strong and ornery forever. We have kids that need us.

  2. Matthew says:

    That’s why evidence social skills training to address “interpersonal behavior deficits” associated with autism spectrum disorders are so important as a proactive intervention. We know our kids will have difficulty in this area as they get older, so lets give them the tool NOW so that they can maybe avoid being bullied in the first place, or if it does happen, they have the socially appropriate tools to respond in a way the reduces bullying behavior AND avoids getting them in trouble with teachers/adults.

    This is the number one area of difficulty we see as our kids get older – even past the high school and college years…

    • Autism Dad says:

      Hi Matthew: Thanks for your comment. Bullying is a big concern for all parents, but the situation is even more worrisome when your child has autism and lacks words to express himself. Our child could be a target for bullying and I might not even know it.

  3. Neeks says:

    I have two nephew that are autistic, one quite a bit more than the other. They are the dearest and sweetest boys, both. Truly lights in our lives. I worry so much about them in mainstream school, I know how hard kids can be on those that are different. Teachers simply can’t watch ALL of the time. It’s very scary.

  4. Autism Dad says:

    Thanks Neeks for posting a comment and sharing your fears, which we can all relate to. I can tell how much you love your nephews. Hopefully increased media attention on this issue will help reduce it.

  5. In New Jersey they finally just mandated bullying programs throughout the state. Hoping they do some good. Truly understand how you feel!

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