Autism Dad: Gratitude


A simple smile

A momentary connection

A fleeting flirtation

Bear hugs and bare feelings

Ben laughing and Ben healing

A change of seasons

A spring bloom

A second chance

What I’m Grateful For:

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4 Responses to Autism Dad: Gratitude

  1. carla says:

    Great thoughts on gratitude,,, I looked online at wikipedia and found the information and I was wrong.The Hatfield was the connection and it is called Von Hippel LINDAU and had to do with temper bursts and tumors… It sounded so familiar … sorry… Hope you are having a Great Thanksgiving.. sincerely, Carla

  2. Autism Dad says:

    Hi Carla: Ah I see, well thank you for the follow-through…and glad you liked the gratitude piece. It is a crisp fall day out here in San Diego, perfect for Thanksgiving. Just hanging low. Enjoy the holiday and please keep well!

  3. Neeks says:

    A beautiful poem. I haven nephews that are autistic and this describes them AND the joy they bring to us so very well. Thank you.

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