Autism Dad: IEP Recap

At today’s IEP meeting: Teresa and I agreed that it’s time for Ben to have another EEG to check for seizure activity. Because Ben’s speech has regressed, we’re going to get him more therapy outside of the classroom. There was also discussion of getting a “nutritional consult,” given that Ben is a “problem feeder” (at least he’s not a problem child!), which is defined as having a universe of 10 foods or less. The teacher appreciated my feedback, and said she is going to be more attentive to Ben during group work to keep him focused and engaged. Ben’s learning impairments are pretty severe and his educational progress slow. But when you’re a parent surrounded by a team of energetic, caring teachers, it makes the future seem less dreary and more hopeful.

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2 Responses to Autism Dad: IEP Recap

  1. Grace says:

    I’ve heard others say that these nutritional consults can be helpful with introducing new foods to their kids. I understand you have to put some effort and consistency into it, but it does sometimes work. I’m glad you’re pleased with the outcome of your meeting!

    • Autism Dad says:

      Thanks Grace. I try to put the best face on the IEP meeting. I can view them as bureaucrats or as trying to help Ben. It’s a little of both.
      Do you remember the smack I talked to you at the beginning of the baseball season? Aren’t you going to put it in my face? 🙂

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