Autism Dad: IEP for my VIP


While observing Ben’s classroom the other day, I saw something that concerned me. When the class does group work, Ben completely zones out while the other “special needs” kids are more engaged and responsive. This doesn’t surprise me. If you want to capture Ben’s attention, you need to get in his face, which is hard to do in a group setting. Otherwise it’s basically glorified daycare. A friend suggested that he be assigned a classroom aide to help keep him focused. I will raise this issue at Ben’s IEP meeting tomorrow. Teresa will be there as well. I’m happy to report that we’ve been getting along very nicely. Conflict free. I think she sees how involved I have become in my boys’ lives and how crazy they are about their Daddy. This in spite of the fact that I only see them six to ten days a month. My next order of business is to get more time with my boys. If Teresa would agree to it, we could avoid the courts. I’m feeling a bit gun shy to bring this up with her, for fear it will cause conflict. Maybe she will surprise me. Either way, I’ll be sure to keep you posted as this unfolds.

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8 Responses to Autism Dad: IEP for my VIP

  1. Matt says:

    At the iep the school may say that they won’t do a 1:1 aid because it causes over dependence. the most successful responses I have seen, have been to point out that without an aid, Ben is not able to successfully access the curriculum (as demonstrated by his inability to focus during class) , and that an aid trained in building independence can easily avoid that over dependency. Would the school prefer such a trained aid or do they feel an out of district placement / smaller classroom placement would better allow Ben to access the curriculum?

    Usually its better not to start out this aggressive and you should be on the same page as Teresa to make such a thing work. But the key usually seems to be how to help Ben be able to “access the curriculum” which is school talk for be able to attend and learn (& why I keep repeating the phrase as its one school respond to – usually). I am working on this very same issue with another student I work with.

    Hope this helps and good luck tomorrow!

  2. Matthew says:

    No problem, I am actually located in San Diego myself – and helping our kids is why I am in this field!

  3. lorenakoran says:

    I recently had my kids IEP and 504 plan meetings. I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome but it could have been worse. I may need some of that advise Matthew gave out too. Thanks Matthew! Good luck Autism Dad!

  4. Matt says:

    I am always happy to help, and I am glad you found my website useful.

  5. Matthew says:

    Just please remember, it doesn’t always work either sadly, but we try our best!

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