Autism Dad: Scotch Whiskey & Rehab

Happy Friday everyone!! I am with the boys now and for the next four days, and all is good in Daddyland, as the pic attests.

From time to time I’ve updated you on my father’s recent struggles: the cancer, which thankfully appears to be slow-growing or even inactive, and the spinal fracture, which was probably a result of severe osteo. For the past three months he has had to deal with not only the physical pain, but the mental torture of being sedentary when he was accustomed to being on the move; stuck in front of the TV when he would have preferred to been out walking or reading the paper at the local donut shop.

But today I am happy to report that he is recovering and rehabbing nicely. He has started physical therapy, is doing his exercises at home, and we have begun taking walks. My dad has even taken the car out by himself a couple times. All great indicators. But do you know the most telling sign that my 82-year-old dad is finally returning to his routine? When I came home last night, I saw that his big ‘ol Costco bottle of Scotch Whiskey was on top the counter. His first drink in three months.

Yeah, go dad!

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3 Responses to Autism Dad: Scotch Whiskey & Rehab

  1. Jean Nicol says:

    Ya gotta love good news!

  2. Grace says:

    Now THAT is a good sign!! Here’s to celebrating progress, in whatever form it may take.
    Love that pic of you and the boys.

  3. Madaline Posson says:

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