Autism Dad: Ketogenic Diets

Ben has been regressing of late and my ex is considering putting him on a “ketogenic diet,” which has been recommended by Ben’s doctor. My ex has asked for my opinion, but I am not familiar with this diet and its benefits for kids with autism. I have begun researching it and I’d be delighted if anyone “in the know” would share their experience. Many thanks…


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  1. anon says:

    If Ben is allergic to certain foods or has difficulty digesting them / GI problems that’s one thing. If the diet shift is to a regular meal time where where everyone sits togetherness, that’s awesome. If the food is regular healthy stuff – fruits veggies and whole grains, that’s amazing and very good for anyone.

    If the diet is about removing body toxins or chemicals, run like the plague. Those work by making your kids so sick and lethargic that he can’t act out. Or do much of anything else.

    I don’t know what kind of diet is being perposed exactly – but PLEASE be extremely careful.

  2. I looked it up and found this video – Even though it is made for epilepsy it gives a simple explanation of what the diet is and how it works. Susanne Summers has a book(s) out with a diet plan that reminds me a lot of this one.

  3. Joanne says:

    Please come to our site Many of us there are on ketogenic diets or similar diets. We would be able to provide you with some great information and I know from experience just knowing other people that are doing this and further more getting well from doing this, makes an enormous difference to everything

    Love Joanne

  4. Aunt Sweetie says:

    Hi, my sisters kid went gluten free and casein free. Within two months he went from nonverbal to telling her he loved her for the first time.
    He is now 12. My sister snow a generation rescue.
    She however now does biomedical stuff including removing toxins.
    In my opinion, kids who are predisposed to autism or Lyme disease are more susceptible to bi toxins. That being said, I would not really start immediately with detox.
    I think you should fins a reputable DAN doctor.
    To be honest, I saw the picture of mcdonalds and thought OH NO HE DOESN’T FEED HIS AUTISTIC KID THAT?!? But, my daughter is special needs as. Well, and I am no better (yet) but am trying to get our whole house gluten free (I have Lyme and have read gluten can cause inflammatory responses, and I don’t need that) then I saw the Gatorade and thought OH. NO LOOK. AT THOSE FOOD COLORS. Because really? They are horrible. But I haven’t gotten rid of them yet, one day at a time, right?
    Anyway, please read my sisters blog that she really never writes on but has at least part of her story at and please have an open dialog with me. I will unlikely read comments on your blog looking to see if you wrote me. So just email me.
    If you and his mom do any diet, it is imperative that BOTH of you follow it to the T. If you don’t, she will f ace the consequences and vice versa. And? It won’t work. It’s easy to nay say a diet that you didn’t do right in the first place.
    Also, not everything works for every person. My sister has a friend who has done the same if not more with her kids with no results. So, I ask you, is it worth adjusting ________ if there is a CHANCE your child can have an easier life?
    Is it worth giving up MCDONALDS to have your child’s teachers say, ” I think he is. Recovered?!?”
    Well, my sisters child (one of) is recovered.

    Have you looked into the gut issuesthat many children with autism have?
    I have so much more info but I have to go…. You think about what you want as. A end result and what you are willing to give to het there, even if your child may not respond to one thing, it may be the thing you didn’t try that would help….

  5. i haven’t seen a post from you in a while. wondering how ben’s eeg and mri went and how things are in general. hope you’re ok. let me know if you can.

    • Autism Dad says:

      Thanks for the nice note! We don’t yet have the results of the eeg. I’ve been settling into my new job, and hope to post more in the future. And just enjoying the boys when I have them. Hope you’re keeping well too!

      • things around here are progressively better with each passing day and the start of a new aba therapist for zackary. things are psychotically busy though. i am so happy to hear that the job worked out and you are settling in. do you like it? please keep me posted on the results of the eeg if you feel comfortable. how is ben doing these days?

      • Autism Dad says:

        Terrific news that things are on the upswing for you and Zack. Yes, I do like the job! I am responsible for bringing on new clients for an advertising and public relations agency. Ben is doing great, definitely the most progress I’ve seen since his diagnosis. Better eye contact, more socially engaged, better concentration!

      • oh that is so good to hear! makes me feel good! i am happy to hear you are enjoying your job! seems like things may be on the upswing for you and ben as well?

      • Autism Dad says:

        You are so nice, thank you. I am bracing myself, don’t want to get to excited about Ben’s progress, because I know now that it’s a roller coaster ride with steps forward and backward. But definitely the most optimistic I’ve been in a long time. Hope you are well and coping with everything okay!!

  6. Ken Stika says:

    I am just now looking at the work of Dr. Frye and Dr. Rossignol pertaining to the benefits of the Ketogenic Diet. My son has improved steadily. Our progression has been slow. First, Gluten Free/Casein Free, then we moved towards SCD, and then Body Ecology/GAPS. I “was” a firm believer in the whole idea of vegetables, grains, and starches and having followed Dr. McDougall’s diet lost weight so easy and my vitals were better than ever. However, what works for me definitely didn’t work for my son. He can’t have grains of any kind. He thrives on FAT and the Ketogenic diet sounds like it might work but I wouldn’t stay on it “forever.” What I have been doing that seems to be working is the GAPS diet with the inclusion of bone broths to get the most minerals/vitamins in one powerful drink that also contains the fat that the brain appears to need. I also make cultured vegetables and the bacteria in these “pickle tasting” vegetables also seem to help. If I could offer one book to read that will help with supplements, get a book called “The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia.” Don’t let the title scare you. I believe that most of these kids have B vitamin issues and B3 as Niacinamide will give you some tremendous results. You can do a simple blood test for about 80 dollars to determine if your child has Pyroluria which they are discovering that many of these kids have a depletion of B6/Zinc and therefore are under a constant threat level of DEFCON 4 reaching DEFCON 5. Stay away from the Gatorade as it contains High Fructose Corn Syrup and IF your child is like most, they should stay away from anything to do with CORN since it is being used as a highly processed form of sugar and coming full circle, the Ketogenic Diet is being used in Cancer Patients because cancer cells thrive on Glucose i.e. sugar whereas regular cells have the ability to utilize FAT as a source of energy when glucose is NOT present. Cancer cells, however, do NOT have the ability to use FAT as an energy sources and therefore the cancer cells die. Your post is from 2011. I would be interested in an update to see if you did find any benefits from the Ketogenic Diet. My email that I gave in the post is legitimate if you care to update me. Thank you for your blog.

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