Autism Dad: Tune in Friday: Isabella Rossellini, Joe Mantegna, and…Me!

Isabella Rossellini, Joe Mantegna, and…Autism Dad!

What can they possibly have in common?

All three will be featured Friday (yep, that’s tomorrow) on CBS’s The Talk. That’s right, Autism Dad’s getting a little love and limelight during the show’s “Follow Friday” segment, where they promote specific blogs with a “shout out” of their Twitter addresses. So tune in tomorrow for Isabella (that’s right, we’re on a first-name basis) at 1 or 2 p.m., depending on your time zone, but stick around for Autism Dad’s 15 minutes (okay, seconds) of fame.

Friday’s shout-out is just one example of the show’s commitment to raising public awareness of autism; throughout April (Autism Awareness Month), the show is featuring a special month-long focus on autism. In fact, actor Joe Mantegna was invited not to plug a movie, but to join former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete for a discussion of the “forgotten parents of autism.”

If Autism Dad is receiving a shout-out, it’s only because my readers have been giving me daily shout-outs and other words of encouragement since I started the blog in Oct. 2010. Thank you for that! And while I’m at it, a special thank-you to The Talk’s Holly Robinson Peete, one of the show’s hosts and a well known autism advocate, who recommended Autism Dad for a shout-out!


The Talk on CBS TV:

Autism Dad:

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3 Responses to Autism Dad: Tune in Friday: Isabella Rossellini, Joe Mantegna, and…Me!

  1. Jean Nicol says:

    Congratulations! They may have chosen you for the show for the reasons you stated but I am sure it is also because you have something to share that people need and like to hear.

  2. Grace says:

    And I thought last Friday was exciting with two of my blogger buddies getting featured. Now this!! CONGRATULATIONS!! The number of celebrities in my circle just keeps getting bigger and bigger. . . .

    This is awesome and completely deserved. Congratulations again! You are sooo worthy.

  3. Wonderful! Congratulations!

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