Autism Dad: What I’m Grateful for…and Why

Ben: I am grateful for his inherent goodness, his affectionate nature, and his soulful eyes(which do his talking).

Ryan. I am grateful for his pulse, for the signs of life and aliveness that are blooming before my eyes.


My Father:  During this challenging time in my life, he quietly roots for me and supports me – and does so without judgment.

My Ex: Her devotion to our boys is absolute, her love for them all encompassing.

My Readers: For taking the time to read about my life and for letting me into your life. I am grateful for this connection and for the technology that enables it.

My Friends: I am grateful that they do not abandon me, de-Friend me or quietly ignore me—even when I retreat into my own world. I need them more than I ever knew.

My Father’s Doctor. I am grateful for his diligence and thoroughness, and for not treating my father like a number.

The U.S. Military. I am grateful for their service and sacrifice, which comes at great cost to themselves and their families.

Beautiful Sounds: I am grateful for the singers, songwriters and musicians who produce sounds which, in the best cases, cut through the noise, penetrate our cynical hearts, and cause us to feel something achingly real.

My Family: My brother and his wife, though 3,000 miles away, have been generous and supportive of me during my lowest points. I have also rekindled relations with cousins.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Following section needs revising. Can’t feel grateful about my Padres given their recent performance 🙂

The San Diego Padres: They were running away with the division but lost it all in the final days of the season. Somehow that didn’t seem to matter. From April through October, they gave my father and me something to distract us, and to cheer for, during an otherwise gloomy year.

My Health: I had some health scares this year. I am grateful they were just scares.

Fall Days: I am grateful for quiet, cozy and crisp fall days. They lend themselves to reflection, writing, and gratitude.

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5 Responses to Autism Dad: What I’m Grateful for…and Why

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  2. AspieSide says:

    Your sons are beautiful 🙂 My son used to wear clothes on his head too. You never know what he is capable of until he achieves it 🙂

    • Autism Dad says:

      So nice that you took the time to read my blog on your weekend. I know you’re busy writing and I’m enjoying your words! Happy to have a new reader…and commenter 🙂

  3. Kara says:

    Absolutely beautiful post, so much positive energy on a day for me where I was struggling to deflect negativity. Thank you!

  4. Autism Dad says:

    Glad I could be of some assistance 🙂 As far as positive energy, fake it ’til you make it, right. That’s what I’m doing :). Be well Kara.

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